Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whatte job! ;)

figuratively :)
have been upto a lotta things lately..
eating out as usual remains my only way to chill out or take time off.. but lately haven't been to any new places.. the old restaurants have a sort of familiarity and cosiness that pulls me when I go out to eat..
I have to tell you something.. :)
Am on a fast food spree, all thanks to my job. By job I mean the internship that I am doing, where I have been given the work to do a consumer study and competition analysis of a pizza place (can't reveal the brand here :P ) For that I have to go around all the popular pizza places and junk food joints and do this research. In return I get to eat there. And the bills would be reimbursed. How totally COOL is that! :) am all smiles..
So I have around 10 fast food joints in my kitty, where I shall go and complete the job assigned to me :P Yay!