Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hungry hogs !!

Ok.. that's not my new name :P (It could be actually) It is a new hot dog joint we recently discovered in Kormangala. It is located in one of those obscure lanes of Kormangala, but very accessible. And it is a find. It is a quaint little place serving specialty hot dogs. The menu is not huge- good thing because it doesn't leave you confused :) makes ordering easy! Awesome hot dogs to say the least. At reasonable price.
The place is small, but makes for great school reunion with your five friends. It is colourful and perky. And hot dogs are reallllly good. I generally hate that pepper taste in sausages :-| but the ones here are delicious :) and makes me really happy! They have two kinds of sausages- normal size and bigger size. The bigger size is only slightly bigger :-| was a let down since I expected BIG :)
I had the Say Cheese hot dog which was worth every single penny! I have been there only once.. and if it was not for my 'diet' I would have hoggged there all my life ! :D Burrrp..

When you think of Hot dogs, think Hungry hogs !!

(Oh did I just create a slogan for them?  Ha!!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whatte job- part II

I love food. I love good food.
And I am trying to lose weight. I am trying to control sweet intake and all those 'intakes' that make you FATTER.
And in the middle of vigorous gymming and dieting, I do this project where I get a chance to have a dinner at Leela Palace. What do I do? What do I DO peoppppppppppple!!
I eat. I eat like a pig. I eat like there is no tomorrow.

So 'the project' was a golf tournament which had an after party! And what party it was. With a guest list of all the socialites of Bangalore and the CEOs and VPs of big corporates, the party was quite a sophisticated and pretentious and shallow affair. It was all for charity by the way.

Anyway, coming back to what I am here for. Food.
The food was to die for. And I almost did.
I had red wine. Not for the first time. But still, didn't like it all that much. It was Shiraz, FYI. S, my partner in crime last night, says it is an acquired taste. I didn't quite acquire it in one glass. :P Starters were amazing. In fact I always look forward to starters than the main course. There were things that I had never tasted before. And that was my agenda. To eat what I won't get to eat later. So I conveniently overlooked the bread section, my favourite pasta section, the salad section.. yea that's about it. I hogged on the rest. Actually it was the entire sumptuous spread that delighted me most. I didn't really eat so much. Or may be I did :P
I had the most amazing mashed potato. Ok that wasn't the show stealer. I just mentioned that because I haven't had good mashed potatoes in a while. Boca Grande wasn't so good either. Last night I fell in love with mashed potatoes again. I was already so full with the starters and the wine that I did not have much space to accommodate rest of the delicacies. But I am not a ditcher when it comes to food. I religiously ate. I had rice and prawn curry for main course along with fish fries on the side. I had had enough chicken in the starters. Well, it was not normal prawn curry or fish fries.. they had some awesome names and of course out-of-the-world taste, but like usual I don't remember the names. Who cares about the names anyway!
Before piling on my plate, I did a complete recce of the place. There was a separate area for breads, a separate one for pasta, for pork, for fish... but my eyes were looking for one thing. Desserts. In the name of my 'dieting' process, I had ignored a lot of sweets. And I was ready to lose my sweet tooth virginity, yet again! But I couldn't find a dessert corner. I got worried. While S was busy digging into the delicious pork, I thought I'll explore a little more. I kept my plate down in search of Desserts. And boy, was I in for a surprise!!! There was an entire ROOM dedicated for desserts. *sigh* *eyes wide open* *ear to ear smile*
I rushed to S and told him about my latest finding. And we plundered the room! That was the best part of the entire party. Though S was grooving on the delicious pork all through, my show stopper was that dessert section. There was Tiramisu, Chocolate mousse, Baked gulab jamuns, Ras malai, Apple tart, Chocolate cake, creme brule, and other awesome stuff that I can't remember. O yea.. there were pancakes and pies and.... O! I am already salivating.

I ate so much, I could actually feel my stomach sticking out and touching the walls of my belly. What dinner it was. And even the ambiance.. I had never experienced anything like this before. The last time I had been to Leela Palace was for a dinner that a friend's parents had thrown. But this time it was majestic. The night was guilt ridden as usual. Monday comes, I am going to start my gym routine afresh. I have a connection with Food. Karmic connection. :)