Thursday, May 1, 2014

Soda Bottle Openerwala, Gurgaon

I have shifted to Delhi from Bangalore. So no more food reviews of places in Bangalore. But Delhi has never disappointed food lovers, so here I am with a new post. Let me start with the home ground, Gurgaon. I have been living here for almost two years now. Updating this blog is way over due :)

Shifting to Gurgaon from Bangalore was a great shock. First thing the Weather. Secondly, the people. It took me a while to adjust. I am not happy, but I am surviving. I still go through bouts of oh-I-miss-Bangalore-so-much. This blog may get a chance to see some of those rants.

The place I am going to write about today is called Soda Bottle Openerwala. No prizes for guessing – it is a Parsi restaurant. The last Parsi restaurant I had been to was Daddy’s Deli in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Soda Bottle Openerwala, I must say, is much better in terms of ambience. Food, I am not sure, I enjoyed eating at both the places.

Soda Bottle has a very interesting décor. It is at the recently bubbling with excitement area, Cyberhub. I went there for dinner on a Sunday. It was crowded, with families and expats, but we easily got a place. Our order was small – Chicken Berry Pulao, Bacon Keema Macaroni, Cold coffee and Parsi Choy. The beverages were ok, but the food was AWESOME. The place is expensive, but then any nice place in Delhi NCR is expensive. Whenever I go out, I spend close to INR 1000 at least. If I am drinking, then more. In a place like Soda Bottle Openerwala, I had a tough time telling myself that a Kheema Pav was worth INR 325! I remembered the Good luck café in Pune and heaved a big sigh.

What made me really happy there was the ambience. Apart from how they had decorated the walls, the seats, the bar. . .the exciting thing was a mini train below the ceiling which was going around the whole restaurant. It is not something that many people will notice. My friend who I had gone with, and who had been to the restaurant several times before, had never noticed the mini train. Small details like that make me really happy.

I must devote an entire separate paragraph to the absolutely delicious Bacon Keema Macaroni. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It tasted heavenly. They had me at Bacon. And then there was Keema and Macaroni. What is not to love? It is the kind of thing which you eat and your eyes automatically close on a reflex. And your tongue wants to feel every bit of what is in your mouth. Orgasmic, almost there actually. And the food portions are good. We had to doggy-bag it coz we could not finish all of it.

Booths. Those plasticky seats look so perfect.
Bacon Keema Macaroni
Chicken Berry Pulao
The mini train
Notice the antique locks and funky paint brush handles
The bar
Ambience – 5 stars
Food – 4 stars
Service – 4 stars

Will I want to go again? – yes, most definitely (after my salary is credited :P)


  1. The ambience looks really awesome and something to look forward to. The old wooden work, the train, the locks and the paint brush handles are quite interesting although I was quite surprised to see what is written beside the paint brush handles :).

    The berry pulav and the vessel in which it is served remind me of the authentic Iranian food and their culture. I could never find the same taste anywhere here. I even tried Britannia Restaurant as it is said to be the best Iranian restaurant in India but there I was quite disappointed to find Iranian food which was quite Indian :).

    Enjoy your second visit there :). This time please try to upload a picture of the menu. It would help us to know whether what other iranian food is served there.

    1. Yea...the decor is fun. I flouted all the rules written next to the paint brush handles :P ;)

      You must try this place, I am sure you will not be disappointed. You can read the menu here -

      Too long for me to upload pictures of the menu :)

    2. Flouted ALL the rules???? :P (*Silently leaving to check whether I read the 4th instruction correctly from your pic* :P)

      Anyways thanks for the link. I'm going to visit this place very soon I guess :)

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