Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog warming :)

Finally. My first post on this new new blog I created long back.

After being in the blogosphere for so many years, it was about time I created a specialised blog for myself :D where I dish out things that could be of some use to to others. For how long can people really put up with my cribs and excitements, really! So here people, I present to you "Coffee and Apple"- my Food blog :) 

It is ironic though, because I can not cook to save my life. But I want to own a restaurant chain one day and am really really 'passionate' about food. 

Does that suffice? or do I have to prove myself for keeping a food blog? :D Alright, for the uninitiated- S, my best friend (I somehow can't use the word "boyfriend", I know it's weird :D) is a half graduate in Hotel Management (He dropped out to join Visual Communication) and is a BIG foodie. And I am soon going to learn cooking :). Actually, food is what brings me and him closer.

Talking about that, it was my mom who pointed out that all the photographs of me and him are clicked in some or the other restaurant :P I realised the only way we 'chill out' is by eating out. We don't go for movies or shopping or pubbing. Food is the alibi of going out and spending time together. :)

I live in Bangalore. And thanks to the bad mess food in college, I eat out often.
So this blog may talk mostly about restaurants in Bangalore but if I happen to eat somewhere outside Bangalore and find it yummilicious it will certainly find a place in my blog.

Also, since I am still a student (only for just another year hopefully) the places I go to are not expensive. They are the regular eating joints which have super super food but may not present the best ambience or services.

P.S: If any of you is from Bangalore, please leave comments on places I should try out. I'd love to find a new hang out place and coax S to not be stuck with one restaurant for months. Will Be back soon :)

Thank you for dropping by :)


  1. I'm very happy to be the first follower and also to be the first person to leave a comment on this space :)
    I wish you both have infinite number of such outings and share the warmth together.
    Being a food lover and as I was staying in bangalore sometime back, I can let you know many such places where you can try good food(including street food vendors, food joints and restaurants).
    To start off, I would like to recommend Kotha's(Jayanagar,besides cool joint) and Halli manay(malleswaram) for the right and rich taste of coffee.(Yes it has the right amount of milk, right amount of sugar-not more, not less as you wrote about it once :))
    I will be letting you know about the places every now and then.:)
    Nourish the blog well to make it healthy and strong ;)
    Wishing you and your best friend, all the best wishes.
    Take Care :)

  2. Oooo..super..
    you never told me you were in Bangalore. I am all for exploring new places. :)

    Jayanagar n Malleswaram- both very very far from my place, but will definitely drop by if I am somewhere there :)


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