Friday, September 10, 2010

Perpetual hunger!

This place that I am going to talk about today, has got a lot of business thanks to the positive word of mouth generated by me :D I have tempted so many of my friends to try this place out that the restaurant should now appoint me as their Brand ambassador :)

I am talking about BOCA GRANDE and its ultimate Breakfast buffet.
I am the kind who lovvvvvvvvves breakfast and for me it is a fantasy land. I can put up with sad lunch or sad dinner, but a sad breakfast really spoils my day. I totally believe in having a breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper. Staying in a hostel is a pain, when you have to get up on time to be able to have breakfast. But it's worth the effort I'd say. Thankfully, messes generally don't botch up breakfast- speaking by my experience, breakfast turns out to be the (relatively) best meal of the day. Here you can find an old post on my breakfast love :)

Well coming back to my review :P which I almost forgot indulging into my breakfast fantasies. BOCA GRANDE gives you an ultimate spread of English breakfast starting from omlette to sausages to waffles to muffins to Ice tea to coffee to mashed potatoes to crispy toasts...I am already salivating like a dog!

The people are extremely courteous. The food is amazingly delicious. And fresh. They make it in front of you. This breakfast buffet happens only on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 12pm :) What you should do is go early, eat slowly and linger around till 12 :D It is a house converted into an eating place. Therefore the charm and the air around is very comforting.

First time we went there, it was S's birthday. One sight of that huge spread was enough to fill my appetite. While I was enjoying the chocolate syrup and fruits (We dont get fruits in the mess, no!!) , S was trying to convince me to have more and more sausages and ham so that I can 'wasool' all the money :P

So people who really have a goood appetite should go and make the most of it. Apart from the breakfast buffet, which by the way costs only Rs. 200, other stuff is also good. I tried the lasagna which I must say was delactable, but the quantity was kinda let down. And oh! the desserts. That's my favourite part! I was literally drooling over the desserts. I was seated right next to the corner where they were preparing the desserts and all that whipping, slicing, warming, wooooooooooooahhh the aroma of cream and essence was killing me. I ordered Tiramisu. S ordered some *fancy name* pastry and our friends ordered this exquisite dessert (don't remember the name) which we called "Dosa and cream chutney" It looked like dosa and tasted like heaven. I don't know how they prepared it; I felt cold, crunchy pieces in my mouth with sudden droplets of warm chocolate sauce and a sweet after taste :) **makes a mental note to visit BOCA GRANDE once again**

The ambience is also very amicable. Very home kind. Specially for breakfast buffet. I love the colours and the funkiness. On the tables they have little puzzles that you could solve while waiting for your order. We had lots of fun doing that.

And before I forget- BOCA GRANDE is in Kormangala near New Bethany high school :)
They also have a website which I think could have been made more friendly. Nevertheless. Here- my pictures :)

The Breakfast buffet

The tarts and the fruits

S's order that day- some *fancy name* pastry

Dosa with cream chutney :D

The puzzle :) Try and figure out. 
You have to find names of 10 food items that are served in their 
Weekend breakfast buffet.

P.S: Right adjacent to BOCA GRANDE inside their premise is Grappo which is a funky shop selling clothes and junk. Have never been there. But friends say it's kinda good :)
Also some people say that the quality of food has gone down, but am sure that's because of the unrelenting expectations they go with. Anyhow, I totally love BOCA GRANDE. Go try! :)


  1. I liked the picture on the t-shirt :)...
    The way they presented the dosas is really appealing. Even the description which you gave about it is quite tempting.

    The idea of the puzzle is really nice. Liked it a lot. And I must say, quite creative to distract people like me from making their vessels empty :P (figured already :))

  2. Arey it is not Dosa, it had some fancy name- we called it dosa since it looked like one :)

    Description-no description desserts are always tempting :D

  3. okay *same pinch*!!! i looooove huge breakfasts too! :D

    i dont usually have a breakfast on wkdays coz id much rather just sleep that extra 15 mins...but yes wkend brunches are priceless! :)

  4. Have heard of the place. Will definitely go there soon! :)

  5. @ blunt:
    Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..that's more like it :)

    @ sunshine:
    i loooooooooooooooooooooooove breakfast! :)
    **same pinch** end up missing it most of the times :X

  6. did they call it crepe?...
    now I am hungry lookin at those pics...

  7. I don't know what they called it. But it was killlllllllllllllllllller!
    And since you brought me here to comment on this page, am also hungry now :/ loooking at the pictures :) drooooooooooooool..

  8. Have you tried 'A Hole in the Wall' ? It's in Koramangala only (near Maharaja), and is an amazing owner-run place that serves a sumptuous breakfast (fried eggs with ham, sausages, fried tomatoes and baked beans!). You must try it!

  9. sure.sure.sure.
    Will try :)
    aaaah..fried eggs with ham...baked beans :D
    is it expensive?


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