Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First destination

I ruminated fair bit about the first restaurant that I should pick and review. So today I am going to write about this place I went to last week. It is our latest favourite place for burger. According to him, the restaurant has the best burger he has ever had in Bangalore. Truffles Ice n Spice it is called. It happens to be the place where I celebrated ate on my birthday. And also the place where he treated me after he got his first salary, i mean, stipend. We are studying, remember!!

The first time we went to Ice n Spice, we went to the one at St. Marks road. And we kept going, although it was very very far from our place. And last week, we discovered their new branch at Kormangala. He was all smiles. Now we can go more often.

Coming to the food-
Our favourite favourite is "Tons of Fun" Lamb burger. It is really out of this world. One burger is enough to make you full. And believe me when I am saying this. I am not the petite girl who savours food by eating little. I love food. And the burger is scrumptious.
The ambience is good too. Very good music. Quick service. No hoo-la-la. A place where you can sit for hours and talk. While the one at St. Marks is really small and cosy, the one at Kormangala is very spacious and is good when you go out in big numbers.
Blue berry cheese cake is also something to die for.

The one at Kormangala, right next to their counter on the left side check out this amazing small wall they have created using green colored bottles stacked on top of each other. I found it really cool. :) And in their menu, in between all the delicacies it's written- extra tissues- 1000/- ;) It is not distinctly written. Figure out the next time you go there :D

A few pictures I clicked long back when we went there-

Was way too hungry and greedy. Pounced on it immediately and after eating more than half, realised I should take a picture ;)

Blue berry cheese cake is also one of my favourites there. Notice the cut on the pastry :P Just when I was about to dig into it, I remembered my camera :)


  1. ohh i love good burger joints! and honestly sometimes there is nothing better than a big burger & a plate of fries! :)

    have never been to bangalore so cant comment on the place but yes that cheese cake looks amazing! :)

    love the new blog template btw! superb!

  2. OMG the Cheesecake looks good. I am taking a cue and will do a post on the best cheesecake experiece in Delhi soon. Wish I was in B'lore though, could share recommendations :)

  3. :D :D lol...The pictures made me remember about the Mickey-mouse shows :P

    Lamb burger!!! Just one is enough??? That too being a food lover???
    Sochnay ki baat hai :)
    Well, point noted. I’ll be visiting the place as soon as possible :)
    Thanks for sharing such a nice information :)

    It would be helpful in locating, if you please try to share the pictures of the outside view of the restaurants or joints which you are going to write about.

  4. @ Sunshine:
    \m/ Burgers o yea :) **same pinch**

    thank you! :D *big grin*

    @ Missy HuckFinn:
    Cheeeeeeeeeeesecake makes me happy :) looking forward to your post on cheesecake :)

    @ Asif:
    Yea, one lamb burger is enough, y'knw :) it's really filling. And am quite a glutton, btw :B

    I'll try n put the address at least, if not the pictures of the restaurants (as i may not have them all the time) :D

    Thank you all for dropping by, it's really really encouraging :)
    Yay!! for my new blog! :)


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